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Meet the Staff

Maria Shee

Maria Shee AIDTA, MASD

Maria has been dancing since the age of 6 and her love for dance took her into amateur dramatics with local operatic societies.

She has choreographed for many local societies and has played several leading roles.

She enjoys teaching all ages to dance.

Richard Howell

Richard Howell MASD, RSA Aerobics

Richard started to dance at the age of 2 and since then he has taken many exams in tap, musical comedy and stage dancing. He now choreographs routines for our yearly shows on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

He has also choreographed many concerts and musical shows for local operatic societies including Singin' in the rain and Oklahoma, both of which were staged at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton.

It is through dancing that Richard has met some of his closest friends and he still finds the weekly sessions to be enjoyable, challenging and great fun.

Beverly Miller

Beverley Miller

Beverley has been participating in dance classes, performances and exams since she was seven years old and finds pleasure in passing on what she has learnt by assisting in classes.

Her favourite dance styles as a child were disco and acrobatics, however, due to the variety of subjects taught at this school, as she grew older, she began to develop a passion for ballet and pointe work .

Beverley feels that not only does dancing promote health and fitness but it can also help build confidence and develop close friendships

Kirsty Vernon

Kirsty Vernon, MASD, RSA Aerobics

Kirsty became a pupil of the Lytton School of Dance in 1978 at the age of 4 and soon realised she had a passion for dance.

She has progressed through the years, taking exams and participating in shows, and now assists Judith at her Coven class in both exam and performance work.

Kirsty still has the same love for dancing as she did when she was a young girl and enjoys being part of a dance school that provides great fun along with the opportunity of dancing on stage.

Jenifer Longo

Jennifer Longo

Jennifer started at the Lytton School of dance at the age of 3 and is still attending 23 years later. She has been taught different styles of dancing at the school, with disco and tap being her favourites.

She is currently part of a theatre company, which the Lytton School of Dance gave her the confidence to join.

Jennifer loves performing at the Grand Theatre but especially enjoys teaching the little ones on a Saturday morning.

Meg Dowen

Meg Dowen MASD, RSA Aerobics.

Meg has been dancing at the Lytton School of Dance since she was 7, which makes a grand total of 29 years!!!

She loves all styles of dance, however, her favourite is tap because she gets to make noise and if she's feeling in a bad mood she can take out all her aggression on the dance floor.

Meg has taken part in many, many dancing shows which she loves especially the ones at the Grand Theatre. Her favourite dance to date was a Cats duet that she danced with her good friend Rich.

She has taken he teachers exams and loves teaching dance to all the different ages and abilities.

Nerissa Mullen-Jones

Nerissa Mullen-Jones BSc (Hons) Exercise, Sport and Coaching Science

Nerissa has been dancing with The Lytton School of Dance since 1992. Over the years she has performed in many shows and gained numerous grades and awards in Tap, Ballet, Musical Comedy, Stage and Disco. She has also won the School Achievement Shield on several occasions. In 1996, a group of dancers, including Nerissa, from The Lytton School were asked to perform and take part in the stage show ‘Evita’ at the Grand Theatre, starring Marti Webb. She found this a thoroughly enjoyable experience. For the past three years Nerissa has been helping with the Penn class on Saturday mornings where she helps to teach the younger children and choreographs dances to be performed in the Annual Show.

Since graduating in 2006 Nerissa has trained to become a PE teacher and now works at The High Arcal School in Sedgley where she is the Lead Teacher in Dance.

Melanie Potts MASD

Melanie has been dancing with Judith since 1979 when she was 7 years old. She qualified as a dance teacher when she was 16 and now teaches classes in tap, modern and acrobatic dance styles.

She has a daughter who has been dancing for Judith since she was 3 years old and now they attend classes together twice a week.

Melanie has made some really good friends through dancing over the years and believes going to classes is a good opportunity to socialise and keep fit.

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